My stories

Every friend and acquaintance I have made tell me to write stories. They all think I am creative. I don’t really know if I am creative or is it just I see the world in a different perspective.

Writing is the only way I get to truly express myself. May be it is because pen and a paper cannot judge you or may be because they don’t distract your ideas as they flow.

The stories I am going to tell here will be fictional or real life experience. To my closest friends, family and acquaintances if you see a character in my story that resembles you, do not be mad at me. Be happy you inspired a writer.

As I always say. My life is a story. If I publish it in a book, it will make it to the bestsellers’ list.

By starting this blog, I am welcoming you to experience the world as I experience it. I would want you to laugh, criticise and cry with me. I am inviting you to feel my pains and my joy. To see the society through my eyes.

Let’s live, laugh and love, for we know not what tomorrow might bring.


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