To you my love

I hope you are fine. Do you remember my love when we first met. It was at a political rally, not the most romantic place to start a relationship. You sat alone. Away from the crowd. I approached you and we began a conversation. Which ended up with us exchanging numbers. Do you remember the first time we got to spend time together. I wouldn’t call it a date. We met in your campus room and played board games. You didn’t believe that a woman could be good in scrabble and chess and I proved you wrong. Do you remember how we got closer as we played. Do you remember my love, how our hands lost direction. How, my love, we touched and caressed, then the first kiss. My love, it all happened so fast. All I can remember is finding ourselves naked on your bed, both of us panting, our eyes met and we smiled. I had never felt that connection before. You told me it was your first time, I believed you.

From then our love blossomed and we became inseparable. Do you remember that my beloved. Do you remember how you would get drunk at night and asked your cousin to call me, that you could sleep without seeing me? The way you would hold me in the dark as if you wouldn’t let me go.

You made me laugh, sometimes you made me cry. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. My friends told me you were bad for me. That you are a hooligan and a drunkard. They don’t see what I saw in you. You weren’t strikingly handsome, nor were you rich. Just an everyday Harry. They said. I didn’t listen to them. I told them that they don’t know you. That once they did they would like you. I was so stubborn so they let me be. I gave my all to you. You were funny and wise. I loved you.

You remember my love, the nights you left me alone in your room. That you were going out with your boys. I let you go. You then said you weren’t ready to commit. And I was fine with it. I would wait for you till you were ready. 

Do you know when I meet your friends,  they recognise me as your girlfriend. They ask me how you are. I tell them we broke up. They ask how it happened. They thought we were soul mate. Meant for each other they say. They ask how it happened. I tell them we just don’t talk anymore. I can’t find any reason. 

Do you know for a year I kept waiting. Maybe you will call or text. I said to myself. May be you will realise how much I loved you,  I told myself. Days turned to months, I never heard from you. The tears dried but the emptiness wouldn’t go away.

I couldn’t wait any longer.  I am not getting any younger.


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