Ghosts of the past

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They sit and wait till you think you have established a new relationship, made new friends and got new resolutions, then they creep back. Stealthily as serpents, they crawl back into your life. They entangle every single friend you have made as a python does to its victims. They put their arms around you.  At first it feels like a hug and before you know it they have crushed every single bit of energy in you. They are sly as foxes. The lies they tell are well calculated and smooth. You yourself almost believe them. They plant seeds of doubt and hatred into every new relations you have made. Their version of the truth is corrupted. Their tongues speaks of nothing but curses and ill wishes.

These double faced demons come to you as long lost friends with feigned intention of mending the bridges. Their real intention is best known to themselves. Inside them they harbour unexplainable bitterness. That you got a job before they did. You got married to a more established man/woman than they. That you were born in a better family. Deep inside they are burning with anger and envy. They think you are the cause of their misfortunes. They want your lifestyle to be theirs. Their happiness is to see you fall.


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