The village drunkard

He sits outside the most popular shop in the village and begs for ten shilling or twenty shillings from the shoppers. Whoever refuses to give him a coin, he insults them. Sometimes revealing their secrets. 

Huyo ni mlevi, achana naye,” others will console them. But deep down they know there is some truth in what the drunk man has said. Don’t you know that no one tells the truth better than a drunk and a child? 

He jokingly flirts with teenage girls on their way home in the evening. They call him names and throw stones at him. But he never gives up. He enjoys running after them staggering. When he can’t get them, he shouts at them. 

“Ringeni tu, siku Moja mtakuwa bibi zangu, “

Sometimes he speaks impeccable English. Especially when in the presence of beautiful and learned lasses. Rumours have it that he was almost graduating with a BSc Medicine but the jealous villagers bewitched him. They reduced him to a drunken fool.

His clothes are in tatters. He doesn’t take the trouble to wash or clean. He leaves an odour wherever he passes. He always have a trail of children following him, singing teasing and insulting songs. Sometimes he doesn’t care, sometimes he sings along and when in a bad mood, he chases them with stones and sticks. 

At meal times, he knocks at the nearest house. A mat is spread outside for him. No one wants to risk pests and skin diseases. He is served in a specific plate. He always appreciates  whoever feeds him but insults and curses whoever denies him food. 

No one knows where he came from. He has no trace of relative or friends. No one knows where he sleeps. Sometimes his tuneless voice is heard singing  in the middle of night. Sometimes he is heard barking, others croaking and sometimes screaming. 

He is an important source of entertainment in the village ceremony. His dancing styles and gust is unmatched. His jokes are hilarious and he never lacks audience. His views, though decorated with drunken humour,  makes sense to a sober mind. 

Could he be the genius of the village, camouflaged with drunkenness? 


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