The Awakening 

Mpesa confirmed you have deposited 50 shillings at … The message read. Then her phone rang. A new number she was hesitant to pick it. She knew exactly who was calling. He had called her a few minutes before she received the Mpesa text, told her that his wife had seen their sex chats. That she should find a way to block her line. She had tried calling Safaricom, but you all know how getting to Safaricom customer care line could be devastating. She let the phone ring until it disconnected. The caller did not give up. She kept calling. After five ignored calls, the caller sent a text message:

You better pick up the call or you want me to call your mother and tell her you are busy chasing people’s husband instead of studying.

The mentioning of her mother did the trick. When the wife called again, she answered.

Her: Hello

Wife: Hello, why are you doing this to me?

Her: Who am I talking to. (pretending not to know who she is talking to)

Wife: Listen to me Jane, I am not here to play games. You know who you are talking to otherwise you wouldn’t have assumed my calls. You have heard my voice enough time to know it well.

Her: Silence

Wife: Sauti imeenda wapi?

Her: silence

Wife: Why did you do it?

Her: Do what?

Wife: Listen to me young girl, I am not here to play Tom and Jerry. Why did you sleep with my husband? What is it that he promised you that made you sleep with a man old enough to be your father? Did he promise you a car, plot, part of his estate? What did he promise you?

Her: silence

Wife: Answer me young woman?

She did not answer. Not because she was being rude. She had no reason at all for why she had sex with him. She was not promised anything, not a car, not a plot and not part of his estate. She just did it and every time after steamy and passionate night she would feel bad and promised herself never to do it again, but she always found herself doing it. Going back to him.

It all had started as a lift to the city. He was working in the city and his wife in the village. Her mother had asked him to drop her in campus. They had stopped in Naivasha for Nyama choma. He did not drop her off in campus, but went with her to his house. After a glass of wine, he opened up to her. He told her how he was sexual starved, how his wife had added weight and he no longer enjoy it with her. He told her of his fears, his weakness, his boss, his bankruptcy. Things he would never tell his wife. And she felt for him. She placed her head on his shoulder and her arms across his waist… That is where it all started. On the couch at his house.

Her: I don’t know.

Wife: What did he promise you?

Her: Nothing.

The weight of what she had done was beginning to sink in. She had ruined a happy family, her mother’s life long friendship and her name for nothing but steamy sex and a few thosands. No car, no plot, no estate. Something that she could get in plenty from boys in campus. She held her phone to her ear. Ready to take whatever accusations that may come her way.


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